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My entire Mejuri Jewelry collection – every single piece w/ closeups 🤩 14k gold, diamonds, vermeil

Pavé Diamond Wishbone Ring –

Hi pals !! I’m sharing my upgraded Mejuri precious jewelry collection – each and every single item of Mejuri that I have! Make certain to order a treat & store the Mejuri Black Friday Cyber Monday sale early utilizing my web link!

Strong Spheres Necklace –

Pavé Diamond Wishbone Studs –

Little Chunky Hoops –

My Purple Everlane Sweater –

San Francisco Dôme Hoops (Vermeil) –

Apartment Curb Chain Necklace –

Strong Spheres Bracelet –

Solitary Diamonds Line Mini Hoop –

Serpentine Chain Necklace (putting on 18in) –

Spin Ring –

Harris Pavé Diamond Convertible Link Earrings –

Strong Croissant Dôme Huggies (vermeil) –

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Vibrant Herringbone Chain Necklace (gold & silver vermeil) –

Toenail gloss Olive & June Sundance Shimmer (code: CHLOEW20)

Big Hoops –

Crucial Cuff –

Charlotte Ring –

Huge Tube Hoops –

Croissant Dôme Hoops (vermeil) –

Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Hoops –

Suppress Chain Necklace –

Vibrant Hoops –

Pavé Diamond Bold Hoops Earrings –

Extra-large Thin Hoops –

Suppress Bracelet –

Chain Necklace (what I placed the letter necklace on) –

Handmade Hoops –

Serpentine Chain Bracelet –

Pavé Diamond Bar Bracelet –

Thin Croissant Dôme Ring –

Slim Dôme Ring –

Drawn Cable Chain Bracelet (vermeil) –

My whole Mejuri Playlist –

Thin Croissant Dôme Hoops (vermeil) –

Big Charlotte Hoops (vermeil) –

Tool Flat Hoops –

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Dual Curb Chain Necklace (vermeil) –

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Boston Dôme Hoops (vermeil) –



Chunky Hoops (vermeil) –

Long Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace –

Vibrant Letter Pendant Necklace (vermeil) –

Charlotte Bold Hoops (vermeil) –

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Pearl Rectangle Locket Necklace (vermeil) –

San Francisco Dôme Ring –

Duo Ring –

Rubies Line Ring –

Ruby Letter Pendant –

Pavé Diamond Thin Dôme Ring –

Mejuri Jewelry Box –

Gems Ear Jacket Studs (vermeil) –

Sweetheart Bold Chain Necklace 18in –

Dôme Hoops (vermeil) –

Strong Chain Ring –

Rubies Cluster Ring –

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Big Croissant Dôme Hoops (vermeil) –